Image of Human Anatomy Online
Human Anatomy Online
A good website that covers most anatomy. Explains the anatomy with real pictures, and has an extensive quiz section to test your knowledge. A good way to practice before an exam. [Read More]
Head and Neck Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
Multiple choice questions and answers from Columbia University Medical Center. The questions are here: http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/ps/2007/firstyear/anatomy/2006/anat_exam3_qa1.pdf, http://cpmc... [Read More]
Neuroanatomy Tutorial
A tutorial site which has photo and MRI images of the brain and spinal cord in sections from each plane of the body. [Read More]
Eye Simulator Version 2.0
A project from my alma mater that lets you mess with eyeballs. [Read More]
Medical Mnemonics .com: World's Database of Medical Mnemonics
A database where students can find mnemonics to help them learn anatomy, physiology and more. [Read More]
GetBodySmart: Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes On Human Anatomy and Physiology
An interactive site that covers a lot of anatomy. Has some impressive animations with a lot of graphical features. Also there are quizzes that have structures tagged just like in a practical exam. [Read More]
Cranial Nerves
A nice site that helps you learn the cranial nerves, including function, origin, course and clinical correlation with lots of pictures. [Read More]
Medical Gross Anatomy - Dissection Videos
Narrated dissection videos organized by body system. Good preparation for anatomy lab. [Read More]
Digital Anatomist Project - Interactive Atlases
A site with neuroanatomy, thoracic viscera, and lower limb anatomy so far. Has nice 3D models and movies of anatomy, including nerve tract in 3D. [Read More]
Muscle Atlas
A well illustrated site which describes the muscles of the upper and lower extremities. Information on origin, insertion, action, innervation, arterial supply. [Read More]